NCCC's 40th Anniversary Special Event
The Northern California Contest Club is having a party and you're all invited! This year marks 40 years of excellence in amateur radio contesting for NCCC, and to share our excitement, we're having a special on-air celebration.  It's the NCCC 40th Anniversary Party -- a celebration event taking place from September 18 to December 31, 2010, and open to all amateurs worldwide.

During this time period, which includes the NCCC-sponsored Sprints (www.ncccsprint.com) and also the California QSO Party (www.cqp.org), NCCC members and club stations will be "on the air" -- ready to have a 40th Year QSO with you.  To facilitate easier identification during this event, NCCC member stations have been encouraged to add "/40" to their callsigns, during non-contest periods.  In addition there will be a few 1x1 special event callsigns assigned, which will also count as NCCC members stations.  A complete list of all eligible NCCC stations and callsigns can be found at: www.nccc.cc/40thcalls.html

To further commemorate this event, NCCC is offering an attractive Certificate to anyone who works at least 40 NCCC member stations during this 40th Birthday Party event.  
Any QSO with an NCCC member during this time period can be counted toward the certificate.  This includes: CQP contacts, "/40" QSOs, any other Contest QSO, Ragchewing, any DXpedition QSO with an NCCC operator, etc.  Any mode, Any band.

So please mark your calendars now, and help us celebrate 40 Years of memories in this great hobby.  CU On The Air!

Your NCCC 40th Anniversary Committee

Event Details

Eligible Stations:
1. All amateur radio stations may participate.
2. You can work an NCCC station for credit only once regardless of band and mode (see list here)
3. NCCC members are encouraged to add /40 to their call signs for easier identification on-the-air and be as active as possible during this event.

Exact Dates and Time: 0000 UTC September 18 until 2359 UTC December 31, 2010

Bands: All Amateur Radio Bands

Modes: All Modes (CW, Phone, Digital)

Exchange: Recommended (not required):
1. NCCC member stations: RS(T) + California County. This will help you qualify for the NCCC sponsored WACC award.
2. Non-NCCC stations: RS(T) + State. DX stations outside the U.S. and its territories send RS(T) + "DX".

Note:  Stations operating during contest periods send exchange in accordance with contest rules.

40th Anniversary Commemorative Certificate:

1. This special certificate is available for making contacts with at least forty (40) NCCC member stations -- any band, any mode -- during the event period.
2. No RS(T) data other than worked eligible call signs will be required to apply for the award.
3. Apply for the award online at www.nccc.cc/40thaward.html
4. Please make sure your entry has been submitted by January 31, 2011.

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